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F1 2017 vs 2016: Onboard Head-To-Head | Barcelona

A flying lap in a 2016 F1 car compared to a flying lap in a 2017 car… a battle in Barcelona

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45 thoughts on “F1 2017 vs 2016: Onboard Head-To-Head | Barcelona

  1. And Red Bull says they don`t like how Vettel was lifting off at straights, apparently it tells about how confident he is with this new Ferrari.
    Lets hope we get good close racing like in 2007 or 2012.

  2. I am so happy that we are probably going to see some great Kimi action this year 🙂 I hope his last season(s?) will be good so he can leave the race tracks as a winner. I feel sad that Kimi is no longer considered to be one of the best in the grid by many people. This season can change everything if the Kimi from seasons 2003, 05, 07, 12 and 13 will be back!

  3. hehe mutta ei toi nyt mikään järkyttävä ero ollu .Mootori tehoissa tais jopa hävitä viimevuotiselle autolle (suoranopeuksissa) mutta sitten mutkissa voitti .Toivottavasti vielä noihin saatas V10 takas niin alkas tuleen niitä luvattuja hirmuaikoja .Näitenhän piti olla yli 5 sekkaa nopeempia kuin vanhat autot mutta ei ainakaan vielä olla edes lähelläkään luvattuja eroja

  4. the Ferrari looks very stable, almost directly reacts to steering input and the driver seems to be able to get the power down on mid corner exit, which is what you really want as a drive. Because it's so stable, it also seems to hold better speed going into a corner. Of course, this is a moot comparison because it's vs the 2016 car, I'd love to see onboard footage from the 2017 tests comparing both cars. I really do think the Ferrari is easily the best car this year and Mercedes isn't playing around and sandbagging – Ferrari has done a much better job of the 2017 car's handling. Expect a Ferrari WDC and WCC this year.

  5. A pointless comparison when you consider Mercedes on Soft & Ferrari on Supersoft tyres. Add to this, at any point during a race a top team on Supersofts could easily set the lap record! see Vettel's late charge (in Abu Dhabi last year lap 38) point in case! If I can upload it I will. Otherwise, a disappointing comparison.

  6. I can't believe how stupid the people who continually keep pointing out the 'tyre compound' aspect are. The current cars are significantly quicker than last year's alone regardless of the 'tyre compound type' due to the significant difference in durability, grip level, etc. That makes the 'compound aspect' between these laps entirely irrelevant. Just stop living in denial! You guys, I'm seriously.

  7. Very nice work getting those synced up. Hard to match those replays. There guesses were pretty close. 5 seconds better equates to about 4 true/actual,,with lotsa variables. obviously. Hey, we are just getting started, so keep your cards close. This year is a clean smart slate,,could go any way.

  8. is it not that he also uses ultra's on the ferrari while in spain gp only hard medium and soft are allowed. Still ofcourse impressive that he beats 2016 pole in testing with 3.3

  9. So when do you expect they will stream F1 live on youtube/twitch …. in the year 3086 or 3087? I mean they could make more money as with TV deals … just saying.

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