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F1 2017 Regulations: All The Key Changes

Big changes are coming to F1 in 2017. Stay ahead of the game with our guide to the new rules and regulations…

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45 thoughts on “F1 2017 Regulations: All The Key Changes

  1. Not a single microgramm of enjoyment was added if after the second race you can predict who's going to win the whole championship. Like you could for the last 8 years.

  2. Even though there is little to no money in it, and the fan base is minuscule compared to something like F1…. I get FAR more enjoyment in following and watching TimeAttack cars being developed. Different looking aero is good.

  3. There are too many specifics and regulations. This sport is supposed to be about innovation and the advancement in technology, so why don' they just make health and safety guidelines and let the teams use their imagination to come up with whatever they want

  4. Let me guess. Engine size halved. They can only use 20 liters of fuel in a race. 3 sylinders. Nobody can overtake except on two predetermined laps since it's too dangerous. Pirelli has to make shittier tires. (again)

  5. Sounds great but will still be boring as fuck, best car wins. Motogp and WSBK thats racing, and if your daddy did it doesn't mean you can. Talent and skill required for bikes.

  6. So.. do teams actually get any freedom to make their car look different other than a livery? Sounds like it'd be much easier if Formula One just supplied the shells and the teams just put engines in them..

  7. Love the new look but forgive me, the engines are now pathetic. This is F1. the pinnacle of MotoSport for god sake, bring back the V8 at least. This is why i shied away from F1, because since Senna's death, and than from 2008, it's gone down hill. I mean they drove 1200BHp monsters back then of witch the grip was only as good as the driver. That was worth watching.

  8. It really frustrates me that so many of the aerodynamic developments are controlled by Formula 1 authorities. I don't want to see a race that only challenges drivers, I want to see the technology and engineering research also be a huge challenge. I miss the Formula 1 of days of old.

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