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Drivers Report Back After The Race | Singapore Grand Prix 2016

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Hear from Singapore Grand Prix winner Nico Rosberg as well as Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo, Sebastian Vettel, Sergio Perez, Kevin Magnussen and more!

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35 thoughts on “Drivers Report Back After The Race | Singapore Grand Prix 2016”

  1. I legit celebrated Roseberg win.. but man.. Ricciardo!!.. I was on the edge of my seat screaming with my dad: Dammit Ricciardo, 4 seconds.. 1 lap later … Dammit Ricciardo, 3.2 sec.. last lap.. Dammit, Ricciardo 0.8 sec!!!.. My dad said in the last curve.. That's it, Ross already won!!.. But man, he enjoyed the Verstappen v. Kvyat fight!!..

    In the end, the fireworks explode on the side of that track, Nico cross that line.. Holy eff!!.. Erik cheeky boy don't do that anymore.. Ricciardo is very good driver and he will be a great World Champion.. (Mark my words, and everyone will be happy to see that moment, including myself).. but last week I said in Monza.. Nico, this is your year now and it's really astonishing to see the driver that you cheer win a race, specially in Singapore..

    Special Mentions:
    Vettel… P22 to P5.. You beautiful person..
    Alonso??.. Like a snake, In the points..

  2. One of the best races so far this season. Quite a number of overtakes all around, even in non-DRS areas. That start was quite dramatic as well, even though no one was really at fault. Ricciardo's charge during the last 13-15 laps probably had a lot of people on the edge of their seats. Man, if only there was just a few more laps to go. Would have been really nice to see Ricciardo win. Of course, Mercedes' strategy was as good as ever.

  3. Can't help feeling frustrated at Ferrari again. After screwing Vettel in Monza, now Kimi in Singapore. Worst team strategy wise for sure. Both Kimi and Seb are deserving of a better team..

  4. Although I am 100% LH fan, this weekend, Rosberg was unbeatable…
    Fast and lucky.
    (Dont forget that in the last 4 laps, any tyre could explode , due to the wear).
    He managed to be 1st and deserves a BRAVO!
    (Just this time…)

    I also believe that Sainz should be black flagged. Hulkenberg was there 100%, and Carlos forced a heavy crash, just because he did not look at his mirrors.

    Gutierrez should also receive a time penalty, as Ricciardo was trying to pass him (under blue flag conditions) for at least 1/2 a lap.

    Finally, it is great to see other teams, except for Mercedes, racing for a win!
    It's been too long since we last saw it.

  5. Too bad there is no way to have a voice heard in F1. I long for the days of the 3.5 era. No restrictions on cylinders and no turbos. I want to see a standard patter gearbox attached to a monstrous engine. Let Formula E be environmentally conscious. Ah well. Despite my plea I will still watch F1 but it is slowly becoming a second class citizen for me. This was a nice parade this time. There were even a few fleeting moments of excitement.

  6. 0:06 I would hope for Hamilton to fight back, but I have a feeling that Rosberg will probably beat him to pole in Japan, America, Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi like how he had done in the last two years, and Hamilton has only taken pole at Malaysia out of the remaining circuits also used in 2014 and 2015.

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