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Dreams Come True: Polish Fans Meet Their Hero Robert Kubica

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These Polish super fans travelled to Barcelona for the first pre-season test to catch a glimpse of their hero Robert Kubica – only to have some of their possessions stolen during the trip. Robert, Williams and F1 thought they deserved happier memories…

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22 thoughts on “Dreams Come True: Polish Fans Meet Their Hero Robert Kubica”

  1. So you've got this driver who's faster than the other guys on his team, a fan favorite, and brings sponsor money, but NOPE Sirotkin is what's gonna win us the championship!!! /s


  2. Based on the times Sirotkin has been setting during practice, they really need to kick him and put in Kubica. Seriously, being consistently 2 seconds off is HUGE.

  3. I think one of those guys built my extension last year. The one with shirt saying "Williams Martini Racing". He certainly looks like the builder we hired.

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