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Charles Leclerc Escapes Penalty And MORE | Jolyon Palmer On The 2019 Italian Grand Prix

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While the race ended with jubilant celebrations from the Tifosi, should it been the Silver Arrows celebrating instead? Jolyon Palmer analyses the main talking points of the Italian Grand Prix, including *THAT* move from Charles Leclerc on Lewis Hamilton

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24 thoughts on “Charles Leclerc Escapes Penalty And MORE | Jolyon Palmer On The 2019 Italian Grand Prix

  1. How can he compare Leclerc-Hamilton incident to the one between Verstappen and Bottas? Verstappen swerves under braking and hits Bottas, Leclerc does not steer under braking, he keeps his steering straight and doesn't make contact with him. Also, Bottas had a long-term loss due to the triple chicane he then had to navigate. I mean I know where he's coming from but comparing that just isn't right.

    EDIT: Now that I've watched his analysis further, I'd also like to add that Hamilton was thought to be (and often regarded as) the one that could "position his car to force other drivers into errors", so why should Leclerc deserve a punishment for doing essentially the same?

  2. highly biased opinion. Max clearly drove towards Bottas, and caused contact and also Bottas losing shit load of time going through the runoff area. as much as I love Hamilton, this is simply hard racing to me. no contact, Hamilton didn't even try to stay on the track, went straight through the runoff to stay close, barely cost him any time. this is what F1 should be like, proper racing see who has better skills and bigger balls. good for Leclerc.

  3. Charles Leclerc – unfortunately – became a very selfish driver. He let his teammate start from P4 by not towing him and sacrificing everyone's lap to secure his pole position. If I was Vettel, I would be very angry on him and no longer trust him. I hope revenge could be some boost for Vettel in the upcoming races.

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