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Brawn GP's Fairy-Tale Start | 2009 Australian Grand Prix

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Brawn GP’s remarkable race debut in Melbourne began a season that none of the team will ever forget.

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44 thoughts on “Brawn GP's Fairy-Tale Start | 2009 Australian Grand Prix

  1. f1 has become more a joke, worse, less exciting ever since they went from v10 to v8. 2009 was pathetic and laughable. now we have the shittiest sounding v6 engines and the most annoying and unlikeable champion ever in hamilton……..

  2. F1 was alive in those years. What's happening now? Some momentous excitements. They are trying to save the day only.

    They took away the real excitement, the real rivalry, the real spirit of F1. Not just only F1, football is the same.

  3. Has everyone seen Autosports ridiculous video about being shocked about Mercedes' pace? I laughed hard.

    Basically everyone knew Mercedes was sandbagging except Autosport that was buying into it for weeks and thought they'd have problems this season. So damn funny. Can't take those nitwits over there seriously.

  4. Jensen Button DIDN'T really win that championship on merit.. He won ONLY because Ross "the cheater" Brawn deliberately made Rubens Barrichello "move over" for Jensen by pulling Rubens in for a 3rd "unscheduled" pit stop when Rubens was about 3 points behind Jensen with 2 races left in the championship. Rubens Barrichello would have most DEFINITELY have won that title, NOT JENSEN.. This why Rodd Brawn has been BANNED from the sport and Jensen Button besides being a F1 "champion, no one wants him.. Because his driving skills are NOT that good and EVERYONE knows how Jensen rally got his "championship".. There's a video on YouTube of a famous race with Michael Schumacher and Ross Brawn made Rubens Barrichello was made to "move over" at the finish line so Michael would win.. Everyone boos Schumacher on the podium.. So what's my point? Jensen Button IS NOT A TRUE FORMULA1 CHAMPION!! He's just a princess that was able to benefit from "daddy's" (Ross Brawn's) cheating ass ways.. Rubens Barrichello is the TRUE "unofficial" champion of 2009.

  5. It would be nice if F1 structured their content for long time (F1) fans.. Don't simplify things for the newbies.
    This is why I end up watching other channels for more detailed/in depth content.

  6. Seeing the nose of the BrawnGP cars makes me so sad. Today's cars all look SO incredibly ugly with their weird nose shapes. And that white/neon-green colour sheme is also my favorite livery of all time. Simple but beautiful.

  7. 0:23 well actually the team started as Matra International in 1968, which became Tyrrell in 1970, which became BAR in 1998-99, which became Honda in 2006, which became Brawn in 2009, which became Mercedes in 2010

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