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Best Onboards | 2018 British Grand Prix

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It was the hottest races at Silverstone in years. Watch all the major moments from the driver’s-eye view.

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20 thoughts on “Best Onboards | 2018 British Grand Prix”

  1. I'm not Ferrari fan. But more I watch all the angles and replays of that Lewis and Kimi clash in firts lap, more it seems to me that it was classic racing incident and more like Lewis own fault. Not for penalty, but he just overestimated Kimis braking and cornering performance. Kimi started braking and turing way before Lewis even entered the corner.

  2. Dear f1 YouTube channel, 2 things which need to happen, driver of the day needs to be scrapped and YouTube channel removed as it's just a s**tstorm of arguments, I know you don't make the rules, but remove your account for the love of f1

  3. Im I the only one that thinks that perez should be penalized for what he did? he basically did what Romain Grosjean did in the first lap crash in the Spanish Grand Prix… it was a miracle he didnt crash againts anyone.

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