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Best of Team Radio | 2018 Japanese Grand Prix

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The airwaves got pretty heated during an eventful weekend at Suzuka. We caught the best bits…

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45 thoughts on “Best of Team Radio | 2018 Japanese Grand Prix”

  1. Max Verstappen is probably the worst thing that happened to F1 in the last 10 years. I mean yeah, rules and penalties are sometimes ( if not often ) unfair or inappropriate to the situation, but at least they were made in an attempt to get things better. Max is just a butcher slaughtering F1 with a knife forged in bad faith, a stupid whining kid who does not understand the very essence of racing and sport, convinced that he owns the world and is untouchable. I sincerely hope he'll soon leave the paddock, he doesn't diserve to be a Formula 1 driver.

  2. Max Verstappen is the most hated driver in F1. If there is a collision between Max and another driver, it will always be Max's fault. Listen to what the commentators say, they all said it was Vettels mistake. And here in the comment section, everyone says it is Max's fault. Because everybody except for the dutchies and the real F1 fans, are Max haters.

  3. "Oh yea lets go for this nonexistent gap and understeer into Max. Oh and he's an aggressive driver he will definitely hit the brakes and let me through "

  4. Arguing with Max Verstappen is like arguing with literally any moronic Dutch guy, you'll hear a hell load of "you could have bla bla bla" and they never think they are wrong even if they are. Well how about growing a pair of fucking eyes for a change, moron!

  5. I really really cant understand Magnussen, he is beyond stupid. He has no understanding of common racing sense. He makes stupid moves and has no respect. It actually pisses me off with how stupid he is. He seriously doesnt belong in a racecar with how reckless and unaware he is. I could seriously rant on for hours and hours about him…

  6. I feel really bad for Vettel. Maurizio and Binotto fight for power within the team, the team suffers and fucks up at every race, Seb tries his best to limit the damage, has to go aggressive and get the blame in the end because it goes wrong.

  7. Seb couldn’t even form a fluent sentence when he spun out because he knew he made a stupid move. Lost for words and was to stubborn to admit his own mistake. Was rooting for him to try and beat Hamilton, but he’s driving like a rookie

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