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Australia 2012: Maldonado vs Alonso | F1 Classic Onboard

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Huge drama in Melbourne in 2012 as Pastor Maldonado chases down Fernando Alonso…

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26 thoughts on “Australia 2012: Maldonado vs Alonso | F1 Classic Onboard”

  1. I remember watching this live as Maldonado fan…Felt really pissed off at him, after a really good recovery drive in the first decent car he got to drive to bin it on the last lap. However, looking back he got his revenge on Fernando at Spain later in the year, so I can forgive him for this one.

    And incase you're wondering, yes, being a Maldonado fan was really fucking hard! I was lucky enough to meet him once, really nice guy…But it was so tough to stand by him when week in, week out everybody laid into him, sometimes when he deserved it, but often when he didn't. Yeah, most F1 fans were dickheads towards him but the UK media was by far the worst for two reasons 1) He brought a lot of money to Williams and Lotus via PDVSA; everyone had it out for him before he even began and bitched about him getting the nod over Hulkenberg both times, but the reality is both teams would have collapsed or at best been far less competitive today without his help. And on both occasions the car was POS anyway so Hulk actually dodged 2 bullets there! But no, Pastor was bemoaned as a "PayDriver" who didn't deserve to be there despite winning GP2 and showing that he had the pace in really shit cars. 2) Hamilton crashed into him at Monaco 2011 and blamed him for it so since then all the jingoistic media outlets naturally took his side and victimised Maldonado as the outsider from Latin America (They did the exact same thing in the 80's and 90's to Ayrton Senna and Nelson Piquet when they were up against Mansell) It went from being a joke to just being needlessly vindictive and spiteful. Even now he's effectively retired (And he did so graciously, he didn't bitch or moan about the contract he signed with Lotus being torn to shreds by Renault) he never gets a break. Pretty much all drivers who come and go after 5 seasons in F1 are quickly forgotten about; at least Pastor will be remembered, even if not for positive reasons.

    Now I see an almost carbon copy hate bandwagon lining up for Lance Stroll, christening him as the "New Maldonado" and begging for him to fail simply because the media says he's "Too rich" and "Not talented enough"…You know what, I might just start cheering Lance on tomorrow even though he starts right from the very back; hey, somebody's got to.

  2. Listen to the audio, you can hear him stamping on the throttle a second time which is what broke the camel's back. Classic rookie mistake, I used to do that all the time in iRacing, as soon as the car straightened up I get straight back on the throttle forgetting about how the weight is still transitioning, Thinking "the car is point straight now, that means I can get back onto the throttle" nope, gotta wait just that extra 0.5 seconds little bit longer for everything to settle. I'm sure he knows this in theory but in the heat of the moment was probably so desperate to keep up with Alonso and so full of adrenaline probably just forgot. But that's the trick to being a consistent race driver: not forgetting to stay calm and always being able to override those immediate instincts with that other rational part of your brain. When g forces are pulling all the blood out of the left side of your brain (the side of the brain where all the rational thought and decision making takes place) it can be extra challenging , but this was a left hand corner leading up to it so all the blood would have been left-brain.

  3. To even try to follow Alonso is such a difficul task… he is really a top driver, each time he pushes the limite it looks like he has stolen his car and he try to escape the cops with. What a driver…

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