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Alexander Albon's China Fightback | 2019 Chinese Grand Prix

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A huge crash during Saturday morning practice left Alexander Albon and Toro Rosso facing a huge uphill struggle in Sunday’s race. But after repairs and a pit lane start, he put on one hell of a show…

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41 thoughts on “Alexander Albon's China Fightback | 2019 Chinese Grand Prix

  1. A rookie mistake in FP3, but more importantly followed by a veteran comeback drive to get back in the points. Even if he falls victim to F1's terrible habit of bleeding out talent, he's got a great career ahead of him driving /something/

  2. Liberty Media – if you want to do us ALL a favour (except the leaders who're running away with things), tell ALL your camera crews to focus on overtakes and leave the leaders alone to fight it out without much TV air time; that way, they might regret showing off as much as they do. Give us fans OVERTAKES and stop bothering (as much) with the runaway leaders, no one really cares about them and their arrogance. I don't anyway.

  3. คงต้องปรับตัวอีกพักใหญ่ๆเพราะพึ่งขึ้นมาจาก formula E ขี้นมาแข่งรุ่นใหญ่อย่าง F1 คงเป็นงานที่หินมาก

  4. Alex Albion, what a great race, some entertainment at least, F1 these days has become so boring, Mercedes Dominance. Miss those days(2008) when there was great competition going on, F1 needs to rethink to make this more entertaining nad competitive

  5. I can already smell a lot of seat chances for 2020 season.. Wolf has constantly keep calling to Verstappen and i think there is something going on for possible replacement for Bottas. Even if Bottas can challenge Hamilton i don't think its enough unless he wins a championship. Max is just too good of a driver to give away.

    Vettel also has been hinting about retirement and Bernie Ecclestone revealed that Vettel either will stay in Ferrari or he retires. 

    Could we seriously see all top 3 teams switching seats in next season? This is gonna be one of the most interesting seasons to watch in a long time, not only by enjoyment but because the contract drama.

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