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5 Shocking Moments At The Australian Grand Prix

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Melbourne has hosted its fair share of mayhem down the years.

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20 thoughts on “5 Shocking Moments At The Australian Grand Prix

  1. As much as I like to see Montoya backwards in a wall, did you for get about Martin in 96? – When racing drivers had the balls to run back to the pits and get the spare car. Bring back the 90's F1.

  2. What about Coulthard letting Hakkinen win? The man 2nd on the grid makes an agreement with the pole sitter that whoever gets to the 1st corner 1st will win. That's already loser talk. Then gets ahead through Mika / team error and just lets him catch up and pass!
    I'm Scottish and support Scottish sportspeople, but could never get behind Coulthard after that. Nice guy and a good commentator, but not a winner.

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