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2019 Chinese Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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After a dramatic start, who would win the 1000th F1 race? Sit back and watch the highlights from Shanghai…

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46 thoughts on “2019 Chinese Grand Prix: Race Highlights

  1. Well give it a season more with only pay subscription live races .. even massive restrictions of highlight shows.. no over taking rising attendance costs.. anyone see what's happened to other events that ignore what the fans want.. or what created the fan base in the first place.. unfortunately the same old adage… F1 believes its own hype an thinks it's bigger than the fans.. amazes me how many times corporations continue to make the same mistakes ? Only once it really starts to fail do they seem to listen.? By which point it's normally too late. Never understand why certain people always jump to the defence of multi billion dollar corporations either when the fans criticise or ask questions ? The race today was predictable as they all now have become.

  2. I must admit reading the comments and my own thoughts f1 needs to change something, this just wasn’t much of a race, the action always at the start, but that it, i started to only watch 1hr highlights and even finding myself get a little bored though that. I think maybe people who don’t qualify in the top 10 don’t have carry maybe an extra 1kg that could be added to the top cars just to spice things up a bit something needs to change any way.

  3. I really want to love F1.. but its giving me such a hard time. Races are so boring and predictable.
    I recently got into F2 and I have to say THIS is rather exciting

  4. F1 checklist:
    ✔️ Get in there Lewis
    ✔️ Team orders
    ✔️ Mercedes 1-2
    ✔️ Kvyat Crashing
    ✔️ Renault DNF
    ✔️ Verstappen being Verstappen


  5. SKY PLEASE STOP cutting away the camera from 2 cars racing each other to give us a replay of a car not in a battle locking up! Also if we see a mistake happen live we do not need a fucking replay of it 5 sexonds later ffs!

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