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2019 Australian Grand Prix: Qualifying Highlights

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The first qualifying session of the 2019 F1 season had plenty of shocks – and an epic battle for pole

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42 thoughts on “2019 Australian Grand Prix: Qualifying Highlights

  1. Australia has always been mercedes track. Even in the last two years when ferrari looked decent on catching up with mercedes. I think this shows nothing, that in next race, we ll see diffrent story. Congrats to Norris. Outstanding drive in that mclaren. Everyone talking about Leclerc and Gasly,but this guy nailed it. Hope tomorrow we could give mercedes a challenge. #forzaferrari

  2. So happy to see Norris bringing McLaren back up into the top 10! It's been a long time coming, but I can almost see the light at the end of this long tunnel. can finally cheer hard again for my favourite team! Lets carry this luck into the season. Go McLaren!

  3. Mercedes a second faster… You might as well wrap up the first quarter of the season… Also shocked to see Renault out of q2, and kimi in the Alfa did a great job, also the Haas went best of the rest really good

  4. This season is gonna be something to remember. Especially if the race pace of the Mercedes is as good as Ferrari's and Red Bulls race pace. And then ofcourse the battle in the midfield.

  5. Ferrari recently don't qualify well at this track But!! You have to say Mercedes look ahead of the pack. They tend to get even stronger when it heads back to Europe. I will watch it but this season is over already

  6. Literally the only thing that changed is that red bull might be slightly more competetive, but overall everything is the same compared to last years melbourne gp.

  7. The championship is certainly wrapped up Hamilton the champion the Ferraris are too slow.
    F1 have lost it's flair, a big difference in the power. Its just 1 horse race.

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