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2019 Australian Grand Prix: Hamilton And Vettel Qualifying Comparison

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Mixed fortunes in qualifying for last season’s title rivals – here are their flying laps, side-by-side…

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49 thoughts on “2019 Australian Grand Prix: Hamilton And Vettel Qualifying Comparison

  1. Looks like the ferrari is lacking cornering speed or vettel’s just not as used to his car as hamilton is to this. I hope it‘s the second one 😅

  2. From this perspective the Halo looks like the front part of a ship – I simply don't get why there are such brillant minds in F1 and they came up with such an ugly solution.

    Why haven't you done a more integral solution in combination with the higher cockpit walls, a wind screen, maybe also with the rear mirrors and the airbox inlet?

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  4. Everytime the mercedes came out of a corner they clearly pulled away a few feet everytime but straight line it almost looked like the ferrari was slightly catching up

  5. Man the Mercedes looks so bumpy and the the Ferrari looks so smooth and nicer to drive. But the Merc is smashing the lap times compared to Ferrari it doesn’t make any sense. But it is what it is. I hope Ferrari are faster at the rest of the circuits. Also from the videos the Mercedes camera looks so fast and the Ferrari camera looks slower. Even though it’s 7 tenths.

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