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2019 Australian Grand Prix: FP3 Highlights

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The final hour of practice ahead of qualifying brought with it some serious speed from the top teams, as well as a bit of a scrape for Williams’ Robert Kubica…

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40 thoughts on “2019 Australian Grand Prix: FP3 Highlights

  1. Rghhh!! I can't believe once more time this fake and some quite femalish lucky talent of Hamilton it's geting the best time, com'on you can't be serious huh?! In this hours I think that even if this BAD real wicther of F1 drive in a Williams today, somehow all other car will be crashing and vanishg of the race and he end winning again!! For God, Gods of F1, you can please let Mercedes not have a cheated car and let all teams at least compete?! I know it seams ridiculous but it's how it is for long 5 years, I swear that I will give it up from good of F1 even I following for 3 decades, from my childwood!! It's simple not fair!! I hope Ferrari or any other team sweep those unhuman bastards to any side of history, please!!! // So I'm hoyning of Tifosi! Forza Ferrari, andiamo ragazzi!! 🙂

  2. Kubica proves that he is such an overrated driver. My prediction is that he will be last in every track, in every session, except any penalties! It's a joke that a driver like Ocon has no seat for 2019 and this guy used the "comeback story" to get one! Williams are such morons!

  3. Holy cow love the cars they have great looking race cars but this is the most boring racing in the world !!! Pure torture watching just 5 minutes of it! Get this shit off the bloody telly.

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