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2019 Australian Grand Prix: FP2 Highlights

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All the best bits from FP2 in Melbourne, where there were spins, lucky escapes and two very fast Mercedes…

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43 thoughts on “2019 Australian Grand Prix: FP2 Highlights

  1. I'm sorry if I sound like a whining spoiled brat, especially considering this is free content, but I'm growing increasingly annoyed by the constant tone/inflection ot the otherwise excellent Will Buxton in these videos. I don't mean the accent which is an enjoyable fine british, I mean the cadence he puts in his speaking…maybe I just need a vacation, sorry for the venting.

  2. I know it's early but I think if there is no huge crash at the start of the race, Mclaren will has no chance to fight for points! Mcl34 is pretty much the same as it was in test days! Other teams developed their car well. Honestly I don't know how the team will jump over other mid teams. Alfa and Haas has strong partnership with Ferrari. Toro Rosso uses some Red Bull parts. Racing Point team is simply brilliant developer team. I can't see Mclaren's strength! Maybe new engineers (James Key and Andreas Seidl) could help.

  3. I never believe for a second that Merc was slower this year. It's the same story every single year, and we're seeing it in play now. Congratulations Mercedes 2019 F1 champion!

  4. Holy shit .. Did you look at Williams laptimes ..

    Lewis – 1.22.600
    Robert – 1.26.655

    That's 4 seconds slower than the leaders … WOW

    If that's their race pace .. Lewis will overlap Robert by lap 20 ..

    Ladies and Gentleman we might see a double overlap possibly triple overlap must be a first in F1

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