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2018 Singapore Grand Prix: Qualifying Reaction

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Hear from the drivers after a lightning quick qualifying session under the lights in Singapore.

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27 thoughts on “2018 Singapore Grand Prix: Qualifying Reaction”

  1. Ferrari fans please bash Mercedez not Hamilton coz it's settled. Ham>>>>Vet no question so don't waste your time arguing about Hamilton coz u got no fuck wit thing to say

  2. I love the title fight this year… still anyone's championship… Hamilton DNF and Vettel win.. or Vettel win and chewing away points… everything is possible. But Seb knows he made errors.. so let's see what happens tomorrow

  3. Seb may say he is not worried by the gap but his face tells the story he is realising that he may not win this championship and with his buddy Kimi gone for next year maybe he is gonna end up the Ferrari no 2 driver next year which would be a disaster for him

  4. You know whats insane? Without this unbelievable lap from Lewis Hamilton, Verstappen would be on pole position… I really don't like him as a driver, but gotta say that was pretty unlucky, because he mad a hell of a lap as well. On any other day, without Lewis pulling a legendary lap, Verstappen would have a been on pole position.

    He must be thrilled for 2nd place… but dude, how unfortunate for him.

  5. Will be interesting to see what Ocon might do at Williams if he manages to get a seat there for next year. Reckon he’ll show the rest the William’s car is actually not that bad, the current drivers just are.

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