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2018 Singapore Grand Prix: Qualifying Highlights

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All the best bits of action from qualifying at the Singapore Grand Prix, where it was a six-horse race for pole position…

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31 thoughts on “2018 Singapore Grand Prix: Qualifying Highlights”

  1. What the HAAS? Magnussen has gone from a stellar first half of the season to a lackluster second half of the season and Grosjean has gone from a lackluster first half of the season to a stellar second half of the season.

  2. Vettel can't get pole in Singapore in an even numbered year,…200th pole for an English driver….4th time pole at Singapore for Hamilton, a record breaking 4th time….overdoing the stats commentary a bit.

  3. Just imagine the time if Verstappen would have been in the Mercedes. No disrespect to Lewis, he truly is amazing but with the shitty engine Verstappen's time was incredible. Singapore is fun seeing that it's a technical track meaning that the quality of the car doesn't determine everything, a huge part is determined by the quality of the driver which shows in the result.

  4. I don't know if you guys are using different microphones or just putting them in different places, but I can actually hear the cars now. They don't sound muffled and/or quiet like they used to a few years back. You can hear the pops, crackles, and weird off-throttle turbo anti-lag sounds. So to whoever it is that decided to change up the mics, props to you 🙂

  5. In my opinion, Hamilton does kinda not deserve his success… He is a great driver in F1, one of the best, but everytime he gets pole position or wins a GP i dont think he deserves it. Because he is such a stubborn driver… If he wins, he´s always like : GREAT JOB TEAM, AMAZING WORK! And if something doesnt come out as he wants its like : "This cant be… what did YOU do?" to his team… I may only get to know some of these things, but i really dont like Hamilton and im absolutely not pleased with his success..

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