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2018 Singapore Grand Prix: FP3 Highlights

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Take a look at what happened in the final 60 minutes of practice action, as Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen led the way in Marina Bay ahead of Qualifying.

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31 thoughts on “2018 Singapore Grand Prix: FP3 Highlights”

  1. Qualifying of Verstappen in his Renault is much bigger then Hamilton with his HUGELY overpowered (75 HP more then Renault) mercedes. Yet hardly any coverage only Hamiliton gets a podium.
    Verstappen even out qualifies Bottas in his mercedes. Where are all the stupid hatefull idiots calling Verstappen Crashstappen?….. crickets

  2. Qualifying over. Grid for the race is:

    P1: Hamilton
    P2: Verstappen
    P3: Vettel
    P4: Bottas
    P5: Raikkonen
    P6: Ricciardo
    P7: Perez
    P8: Grosjean
    P9: Ocon
    P10: Hulkenberg
    P11: Alonso
    P12: Sainz
    P13: Leclerc
    P14: Ericsson
    P15: Gasly
    P16: Magnussen
    P17: Hartley
    P18: Vandoorne
    P19: Sirotkin
    P20: $troll

  3. Hamilton owns Vettel again 👍

    Deluded Ferrari fanboys must be angry lol. After practice, they must have thought this would be easy 😂😂😂

    One day they'll have to admit thay Hamilton is the best!

  4. Lecler He does not deserve to be in Ferrari, not because his father is a millionaire does not mean he can justly occupy that seat. I know that he will NOT be an incredible pilot. It will only be a shame.

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