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2018 Mexican Grand Prix: Qualifying Reaction

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Contrasting emotions for the Red Bull drivers, title talk and more as the F1 grid reflect on qualifying in Mexico…

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27 thoughts on “2018 Mexican Grand Prix: Qualifying Reaction”

  1. Verstappen sets fastest lap that only Ricciardo pipped, but its all the car fault 😂

    We all know Redbull will be planning a Verstappen win, but whether its goes to plan is completely up to Verstappen's maturity or lack there of.

  2. Verstappen never really seems to compliment the car unless he gets pole or a win.. It's always either down on power or tyres or brakes or hydraulics or some sort of mechanical failure holding the car back. He was on top all weekend, Daniel claimed pole just 0.026 seconds quicker than Max and had no issues to report with his car so the cars obviously had the pace and with two fairly clean laps from both drivers, that marginal gap definitely isn't down to some sort of flaw with the car. Max is a brilliant driver, no doubt, but there comes a time where you just have to say that "I tried my best but I just got ever so slightly edged out of the top spot." There's no shame in being second on the grid.

    Side note: Lewis has a pretty strange accent. Has it always been like that or am I detecting a bit of American twang on his speech now. It actually had me questioning whether or not he has a second language.

  3. People say Fernando Alonso always blames his car? He accepted that he did not have a perfect lap on his side. That's a true champion. However, p12 is still excellent.

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