Formula 1

2018 Mexican Grand Prix: Qualifying Highlights

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All the best bits from a dramatic race for pole in Mexico, featuring an epic battle between the Red Bulls that went down to the wire…

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35 thoughts on “2018 Mexican Grand Prix: Qualifying Highlights”

  1. Can someone please explain me why everybody hates Max? He isn’t even allowed to be disappointed, he is a sportsman who wants to win all the time. Of course he got pissed that he didn’t get pole. Just hop of that ‘CrAShTaPpEN’ bandwagon, grow up and give credit where it’s due. Thank you.

  2. Not bad for a #2 driver!!!

    Even with Red Bull sucking Max's balls and destroying Ric's car, he still gets pole. In your face Christian!!! Just hope Crashtappen doesn't crash Ricciardo off the first corner and hope his engine doesn't die. I'm hoping Danny wins as a big fuck you to the team

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