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2018 Brazilian Grand Prix: Qualifying Highlights

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There was rain, drama and controversy in Brazil in the penultimate race for pole of the 2018 F1 season…

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21 thoughts on “2018 Brazilian Grand Prix: Qualifying Highlights”

  1. The FIA should not have called Vettel to the weigh bridge. Yes, Vettel should have followed protocol, but the FIA were so slow. Also, there statement to the stewards was a major exaggeration. Vettel turned the engine off. It just sounded like the guy was pissed his weigh bridge was broken.

  2. Guys, i have a strange question: who is the blonde lady from mercedes that always celebrates with lewis ? I saw her in mexico and now again after lewis’ pole ? Is she some sort of coach or other personnel ? Or just a friend ?

  3. WTF is wrong with FIA. Lewis nearly got Sirotkin out of the race and they wanna sit their ass down with no hint to do anything against him. Do they love Lewis or are they getting paid from Mercedes????

  4. everyone here is saying hamilton disgrace should have been penalised ? . i agree but shouldnt vettel have been banned for several races for deliberately driving into lewis on the track ?. people have short memories . how many times has vettel been penalised compared to lewis ?.far less

  5. Jesus christ there are a lot of "Hamilton should have got a penalty" cry babies on here. These things happen all the time and no one gets a penalty yet as soon as ham does it people start crying foul, pathetic.

  6. Sirotkin was on an outlap, and Kimi didn't commit to a line. It wasn't his fault. If a driver is out there, it's the teams responsibility to tell the driver who he should let go. Fuck you f1 fans. You guys have no idea what you should say. You guys have no idea how things work behind closed doors. Clearly, now I understand, it's not the FIA or liberty media, it's you assholes. No one's biased remember. You're just immature to understand how world works.

  7. I am a Hamilton fan, and one who believes that he could have easily had 7 championships at this point. However, he was wrong to be on the racing line, which hampered Sirotkin; on another day, that could have had tragic results. Lewis needs to stay awake!!

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