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2017 US Grand Prix: Race Reaction

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Hear from Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Sebastian Vettel and more after an eventful 2017 US Grand Prix.

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26 thoughts on “2017 US Grand Prix: Race Reaction”

  1. There’s a difference between mistakenly leaving the track on the exit of a corner and gaining no places
    ..and blatantly cutting a corner to GAIN A POSITION.
    Not really hard to understand is it?

  2. Omg that orange kid dont know there is a difference on going wide braking and cut the track overtaking… kill the sport he said?.. omg kid. you?.. the most helped driver by the FIA in history?…. lol ahahahahaha thats crazy.

  3. As Max is next to Kimi, Kimi Then squeezes Max after that Max takes evasive action on the curb exceeding track limits something everybody has been doing all race without penalties and Mika Salo Former Ferrari driver and Countryman of Kimi decides together with Connelly a steward who always has an aim on Max to penalize Max. Both these stewards made it clear that they were opposed to Max his entry in F1 at the age that he did. Totally fraud decision and not good for the sport!!!!!

  4. Max verstappen got robbed! The Fia (Ferrari's International Assistants) need to be more consistant, everybody was leaving the track, look at the overtake from sainz to ocon he also cut the corner. This racing is what we want to see it makes it exciting and is good for the sport, but the fia wants us to drive in circles behind eachother. They need to boycot the next race or something because this is just ridicilous

  5. Everyone saying max is right, why they didnt punish sainz or ricciardo. Sainz didnt leave the truck. His 2 wheels was on the track in all ovrertaking process. For bottas case for you all who doesnt want to understand that turning wide doesnt give an advantage in most cades go to steam and buy f1 2012. Its on sale. Turn one corner wide and normal then check your lap times. Runing wide seems like giving advantage because you gain more speed when exiting the corner but you travel more distance so it cancels it out. And ricciardo and bottad case was rarce accident. They were battleing for p3. Ricciardo didint leave room for him whic was brilliant move.

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