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2017 Russian Grand Prix: Best of Team Radio

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50 thoughts on “2017 Russian Grand Prix: Best of Team Radio

  1. Alonso is going to carry a shotgun in the car next race he is in (wont be at Monaco) Hey, it's what cowboys do when a horse goes lame….

    But, perhaps Alonso should "race" Monaco. He could break down near Casino Square during the formation lap, get out and do some gambling.

  2. Had Bottas been in a car that could of gotten a win before 80 races he would of. I'm surprised by how quick the guy is, he's really stood out in my opinion. He just has a very confident look and feel to him. Championship driver no doubt. Probably no this year but soon.

  3. I don't get it….. Mclaren and Honda make superb road cars….. why can't they give Alonso something decent?

    He's the one that should say: "Honestly, what are we doing here? Racing or playing pingpong"?

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