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2017 Mexico Grand Prix | FP2 Highlights

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Just half a second separated the top six during an eventful second practice in Mexico

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25 thoughts on “2017 Mexico Grand Prix | FP2 Highlights”

  1. I would love to see a reverse grid order. Give 25pts for qualifying P1 down to 1pt for P10. Then start with a reverse grid and allocate the same points for a race finish as in qually. They could get rid of that garbage DRS and still have legit overtakes. Or, have Pirelli make tires that'll last an entire race distance(and then some) and bring back refueling in order to keep the "strategy" aspects of grands prix. However, my ultimate motorsport dream is an auto racing version of the Olympics. Every 4-6 years, cars would compete in 5-10 races. The cars would be designed and constructed by engineers and funded by manufacturers that are based in their respective countries. The only rules would be: height, length, width, minimum weight, and engine displacement. Run what you brung. Imagine giving engineers with F1-level talent 4 years to develop their idea of the quickest car on earth. Epic.

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