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2017 Hungarian Grand Prix | Best of Team Radio

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As the track action heated up at the Hungaroring, so did the exchanges over the airwaves.

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43 thoughts on “2017 Hungarian Grand Prix | Best of Team Radio”

  1. Omfg I hate vettel so much, he is ss cocky and arrogant, why everybody seems to hate Hamilton so much he is a good driver yeah sometimes he does sound like a like a pussy and I'm not a fanboy

  2. 2017 F1 season resume: lap records, no overtakes or you crash when you try it (and trigger your rival/teammate) PD: I gonna use as Rage Quit Daniel Riccardo's Team Radio for now

  3. Seeing as so many people are asking for translations, could you somehow show both Italian and English in future vids? The Italian is beautiful but it's always great to know what he said 🙂

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