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2017 British Grand Prix | Best Onboards

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First-lap collisions, wheel-to-wheel battles and Ferrari blowouts – watch all the best Silverstone action from the drivers’-eye view.

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27 thoughts on “2017 British Grand Prix | Best Onboards”

  1. Lewis: "What can I say about these fans, you're the best fans here, thank you everyone who turned up" – Well we didn't see you turn up at the London event, you just lost a fan, asshole.

  2. Honest question, what was Grosjean complaining about? Did Ericsson go deep into the corner? It doesn't seem to me like he made a mistake, GRO just cut across him or not?

  3. If everybody drove the same car, F1 would be so much more fun … Mercedes being like 30 km/h faster then all other cars is getting boring to watch.

  4. I just love how Seb is frustrated when he gets pushed wide and is about to cry over it, and also, yeah Groj, nice "unbelievable" mistake on your side

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