Zlatko DALIC – Croatia v England Preview – 2018 FIFA World Cup™

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37 thoughts on “Zlatko DALIC – Croatia v England Preview – 2018 FIFA World Cup™”

  1. If modric turns up croatia will win and modric normally turns it on in the big games he will have alot of space as englands midfield is very open with guys like lingard and alli there

  2. That's it! You are inspirational and confident! Keep it up guys!!! Croatia you can do it!! You play as a team, you fight! You work hard and that's what you showed up! Believe in yourself and go for it!!

  3. … Those who say that England will lose to Croatia are either naive or don'tknow our team . England are one of the most dangerous teams in the world cup. I say Croacian players will cry again tomorrow as they did inthe Euro 2016… England 2 … Croatia 0

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