Video Assistant Referee (VAR) Explained

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Video assistant referees support the decision making process of referees. They are only used in the four game-changing situations and provide minimum interference with maximum benefit. Find out more at

31 thoughts on “Video Assistant Referee (VAR) Explained

  1. Had this concept written up after blazing a cone head last year.
    Any issues ranging from;
    ● Disciplinary
    (Suitable action taken from right call not judgment)
    ● Offsides
    (Common error occurs in football min once per match)
    ● Off ball situations
    (Physical/verbal altercations, fouls, injuries)
    ● Throw-ins
    (Crosses over line or still in play)
    ● Incidents in technical area
    (Regarding coaches, staff and subs)
    ● Corners
    (Crosses line or still in play)
    ● Unsportsman like conducts
    (exaggerating an incident for team gain i.e penalty, sending off, serious injury)
    Ecerthing stated above n many more will be answered with the right decision not merely a judgment as mistakes are all to common in professional football.
    The days of dolphin diving, cheats and foul play could also be a thing of the past and I for one will be happy to see that day.


  2. People who don't think this will help the game are stubborn and just don't like change. There are minimal, if any downsides to VAR, and the upsides are massive. If someone can give me a logical argument against it I'll listen with an open mind, but I've yet to hear one.

  3. Pretty much people who like to cheat and deceive are the only ones against this, the real question shouldn't be if this should be done or not but why it took them so long to do this, this means that games wont be fixed anymore and i really don't like my team winning because of the referee mistake, because only and idiot would think that cheating its a part of the game

  4. Football has now become a game for robots. No more dynamic tactics could be done on the pitch. Everything's been under the control of computer monitors….

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