The Hidden Technology of Football

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Innovations are changing our everyday life. New ideas are the driving force of the football industry for improving comfort, safety and performance aspects for the players and referees on the pitch. Find out how VAR, GLT and EPTS affect the beautiful game. Find out more at

21 thoughts on “The Hidden Technology of Football

  1. I know it will slow down the pace of the game that we all love but im sick and tired of great games being decided by poor decisions. This is needed in our beloved game

  2. Implementen esto rápido en todas ligas y torneos para evitar tantos errores arbitrales que ensucian el juego/ Apply this things in all the competitions for avoid arbitral mistakes that ruin the game. (Sorry for bad English. I tried :v)

  3. This is fantastic! Is it going to keep track and alert the respective authorities about bribes taken by officials too? Could it focus on Florentino Pérez and his cronies?

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