Match 24: Senegal v. USA – FIFA U-20 World Cup 2017

Watch highlights of the match between Senegal and USA from the FIFA U-20 World Cup in Korea Republic.

29 thoughts on “Match 24: Senegal v. USA – FIFA U-20 World Cup 2017

  1. Josh Sargent is a beast. He's going to Bundesliga once be turns 18. He's still 17. Good Win Sub 20. We should at least go to semis with this team. Anything less then is bad.

  2. I hate Fifa because they make matches not fear. They pay the referees. NOOOOOOOTTT FEERRAASRRR FIFA. 🙁 I love football but I hate Fifa. They ruined. football.

  3. USA missing Pulisic, Haji Wright, Nick Taitague and Weston McKennie all from Schalke, Josh Perez from Fiorentina and Akale at Villareal. Also missing Zelalem and Marlon Fossey due to injury. This is USA B or C team.

    Coming for dat 2026 world cup.

  4. just one question
    why do lots of korean men have the same hairstyle like mushroom ?
    my korean friend has it since 2011
    is it the most popular one with glasses?

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