Match 18: Costa Rica v. Portugal – FIFA U-20 World Cup 2017

Watch highlights of the match between Costa Rica and Portugal from the FIFA U-20 World Cup in Korea Republic.

45 thoughts on “Match 18: Costa Rica v. Portugal – FIFA U-20 World Cup 2017

  1. In the match between Viet Nam vs New zealand, there are situations in the penalty area but the referee does not blame the referee, the referee does not look at the tape as referee referee this match. I'm from viet nam

  2. Man as a portuguese why i have a feeling that we weren't even gonna pass the group stage…Just if the play stile chances against Iran because playing like that we are mostly gonna lose

  3. que arbitro tan malo no puedo creer que en un mundial de la fifa hallan este tipo de arbitrajes. pesimo es poco para este señor no deberia pitar mas nunca en su vida. donde esta la FIFA y su VAR video arbitraje.. dan verguenza..

  4. that's why FIFA adopted video check from this World cup. you can ask a referee to double check the video tape whenever you want. but it seems like Portuguese players don't know about the new rule.

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