Match 07: South Africa v. Japan – FIFA U-20 World Cup 2017

Watch highlights of the match between South Africa and Japan from the FIFA U-20 World Cup in Korea Republic.

43 thoughts on “Match 07: South Africa v. Japan – FIFA U-20 World Cup 2017

  1. 남아공 생각보다 별로네… 지역 예선에서 보여준 모습과는 거리가 먼 듯? 역시 일본은 볼 점유율 강해 ㅋ

  2. Doan's lefty shot is just lethal! His first AFC goal still gives me chills. Kubo did good, but you really ought to give credit to the ones who did the work in the match. Miyoshi and Funaki kept the high tensity going on creating several perfect goal opportunities that just unfortunately were not "finished". I appreciated Ogawa's efforts and the goal was finally more like an award from all the previous effort than a thing of beauty! I love it how Doan can turn from almost sluggish into a DANGER in a fraction of a second. Anyway I hope Japan will go as far as possible 'cause there's a lot more talent on that substitute bench I'd like to see on the pitch too. So when your only comment about the match is "Kubo is best" (or something like that) I wonder did you even watch the whole match..?

  3. どうでもいいが、ニッポンと南アの試合なのに、なぜここまではん ぐるが氾濫するんだろう… 

  4. 日本人と韓国人が言い争ってるので一言。お前らが日本の震災を祝う横断幕を掲げたことは日本人として絶対忘れないし民度が低いと思われても仕方ないよ。

  5. anyway, why this highlight is at first in FIFA U-20 World Cup Korea Rep playlist? this match was played 3 days ago. recent match must go to the first. this is not channel for japs

  6. 일본 수비수 5번 자살골 넣을 때부터 알아봤는데 진짜 못하네.
    어떻게 주전선수가 됐냐?
    아버지가 축구협회 회장님이신가?

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