Kevin DE BRUYNE – Post Match Interview – Match 61

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Hear the thoughts of Kevin De Bruyne after his sides defeat to France inthe World Cup Semi-Final

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43 thoughts on “Kevin DE BRUYNE – Post Match Interview – Match 61”

  1. Selfish Hazard cost them badly. He wouldn't pass to Lukaku in the first half though he was free in the box. The key to beating France is to score the first goal and force them to chase the game. That way you can hit them on the break.

  2. I was 100% that Belgium will win the semi and go forward to final but the luck was against the good football from 😈 good luck for the the players I believe that they will win the Euro 2020 maybe the next world cup. Don't stop good football.

  3. I'm upset Bellingham lost they deserve the better after beating Brazil and thing the Golden generation of Belgium. Plus even though it was a very even game for the most part they had really good chances and it just didn't work out for them. Frances also good team and a deserve to be the finals those lucky that they had face them going into the finals though and not playing them in the finals.

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