Harry Kane – Post Match Interview – MATCH 62

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Want to hear what Harry Kane had to say after England’s 2-1 defeat against Croatia?

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28 thoughts on “Harry Kane – Post Match Interview – MATCH 62”

  1. Now you will have to play with Belgium for the 3th place without calculation four change and Belgium will drop your ass on graund. Lets see you now you arogant courdws 🚑🔚🆘⛔:-) . Belgium goolkeepr 🔐 his gol. Good luck BELGIUM. CROATIA is roothing for you.

  2. Aunque me caen muy bien los ingleses detesto este tipo de acentos que tienen algunos…no se les entiende nada…parece que hablan como sin ganas…el acento estadounidense me parece mil veces superior,suena mejor y ademas es mas entendible,y el australiano tambien pero justo donde se supone que proviene el idioma es donde peor se habla….

    Although I like English people, I hate this kind of accent /pronuntiation that some people have … it's not understandable … they seem to talk like they do not want to do it… the American accent is much better, sounds better and is more understandable, and the Australian as well, but just where the language is supposed to come from is where they speak worse…

  3. England fans who dis any players please support someone else no one wants your bs prob all arsenal wankers talking shit about Kane cause they know he carried the nation

  4. Scottish guy here. Feel gutted for England tbh. For how we had a sense of togetherness in 1990 and now after that England gave to the game they bottled it. Was hanging out with various people who emigrated to the UK and still considered out country their home. Guess times have changed but the basics of football need to be improved for all UK countries.

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