Gareth Southgate – Post Match Interview – MATCH 62

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Want to hear what Gareth Southgate had to say after England’s 2-1 defeat against Croatia?

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24 thoughts on “Gareth Southgate – Post Match Interview – MATCH 62”

  1. Really, why do people hate England so much? They did a great job this tournament, far from the expectations in the beginning. People thoughts they couldn't make it to the knock out stage, and they're in the semi-final.

    Southgate has earned our respect and love, no doubt. The man deserves all the praises for bringing the young English team this far.

    And you've done well, lads. Ignore those haters who just love to see England lose, to ridicule you. They couldn't take a joke, couldn't understand how feeling works, some of them just hates England for being…England. Southgate's England team has made the English folks proud. Brought them the joy they couldn't have for years. And there's always next tournament. Just remember, yes, you're going home, but with your heads held high.


    Sorry for my bad English. Best wishes to France :))))

  2. Respect to England from Croatia. We are going to the finals but that is the beauty of the sport. There needs to be a winner and a loser. U people played a beautiful match, tough luck I guess. I hope my country wins the cup. And I hope u win third place. These championships should make us appreciate each other more, because sportsmanship is not vile or aggressive, its polite and brave. Thank you England for an amazing night.

  3. @Snazzy…FYI – I do not hate England. I'm a professional football player. It is what it is. If you actually watched that game, you'll understand what I posted. I was emotional and angry and I refused to watch the last 7 or so minutes after Trippier left the game. my mom was sad too. So, you need to get your facts right n ask questions if you don't understand my post

  4. Congratulations England from Romania. No need to be upset. This is the best English team since 1990. Lack of experience it's what went wrong. Very young team, but the future's looking good.
    Great game Croatia. Beat the French.

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