Rohit Sharma – Top Run-Scorer | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 | Best Bits

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The best shots from Rohit Sharma at the 2019 CWC!

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41 thoughts on “Rohit Sharma – Top Run-Scorer | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 | Best Bits

  1. You didn't gave him the player of the tournament award after doing the world record of 5 centuries….then what is the value of posting these videos?? He should be awardedd!!

  2. Record made. But this time India needed the world Cup. Maybe in next World Cup he won't perform like this. Because one player can't be like the same after 4 years and moreover in a world cup platform.

  3. rohith sharma was looks calm, compose, the way he build the innings so beautifuly in cwc 19, definetly he makes big impact on upcoming tournments, looking for it

  4. जिस दिन रन बनाने का जरूरत था तब बनाया नही
    Best of rohit की mkb

  5. सेमी फाइनल में धोखा देनेवाले ऐसे स्कोरर की g मे बम्बू

  6. Rohit is brilliant yar ! such class such timing ! wow ! he and shakib were the actual contenders for the man of the tournament! however it was given to williamson who wasnt bad either , but still rohit and shakib did what no one else has ever done in the history of the world cups!

  7. He was lucky in this world cup more than anyone! As we saw he got another chance when he was at 9,23,14 so on and catches were dropped by opponent teams so he made those centuries.

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