QF2 Live Post Match Press Conference Bangladesh v India – Melbourne

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QF2 Live Post Match Press Conference Bangladesh v India – Melbourne

13 thoughts on “QF2 Live Post Match Press Conference Bangladesh v India – Melbourne

  1. The whole cricket world is ashamed cause team like India plays cricket.
    They can't do anything with their ability but they are practicing their indue influence, it's you ICC(Indian Cricket Council). 
    Shame on ‪#‎ICC‬ Just shame shame & shame. we knew cricket is a game of gentlemen. but nowadays, cricket is no more a game of gentlemen's, it is just a business of ‪#‎India‬. Again, shame on ICC, shame on umpires. gasp emoticon 
    Bangladesh is playing against 13 players, extra one is umpire, shame on you #ICC 

  2. I thought by today ICC president will resign. Bangladesh will quit ICC in protest and we will finally get to see the Irish in the 2019 World Cup.
     In other news Chris Jordan has lodged a complaint against ICC as well questioning his run out and since ICC is controlled by India and they are pissed off with Bangladesh they have decided to give him a proper hearing and not the Bangladeshis. Aleem Dar is nominated for umpire of the year and so is Ian Gould. Aleem Dar is still upset since the protestors in Bangladesh misspelt his name. If you believe any of the aforementioned news you are eligible to apply for the post of Apple CEO coz u r indeed a genius and one of a kind.
    If this offended you and feel the urge to curse go ahead do so and prove to the world that you are intolerant and absolutely delusional and by all means deserve to be not responded to.  

  3. Very bad video, they can't make a non stop video, forget uploading it in HD, not expected from +ICC .. And this is fucking +ICC Cricket World Cup . And they are uploading non HD, frozen video, pathetic!!

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