PCA announces four non-negotiable principles on new player deals



Negotiations between the PCA and the ECB have begun on new deals for England’s centrally contracted players as well as on the agreement for domestic cricket © Getty

The Professional Cricketers’ Association has announced four non-negotiable principles which will form part of their negotiating position with the ECB on new player deals.

Negotiations between the PCA and the ECB have begun on new deals for England’s centrally contracted players in both the men’s and women’s national teams as well as on the agreement for domestic cricket. Both agreements will end in 2019 and as well as setting the level of pay for the international squads, the negotiations will decide how much money each county receives to pay its players and the rules over how it can be spent.

The ECB’s new broadcast deal from 2020 is worth more than GBP 1.1billion over five years and the PCA are keen to ensure their members receive their fair share. The four principles set out by the PCA in a statement on Wednesday (June 13) are that the salary collar (the minimum counties can pay their playing squad) must rise, the salary cap must rise, the minimum wage must rise and that every professional player, men and women, must benefit.

“You can’t have a situation where a huge amount more money comes into the game and the players do not benefit from it,” PCA Chairman Daryl Mitchell said. “We have made that very clear to the ECB and we are going to be very strong on this issue. It really is non-negotiable. Our four principles revolve around making sure all players receive their fair share of the new broadcast deal.

“We want to make sure that all 420 current playing members benefit from the new broadcast deal. That includes the England men and women players as well as all county players. Not just those involved in the new competition and not just those on minimum wage, all our members should benefit.

“It is our job to champion the interests of professional cricketers in England and Wales and we will not sign off any deal unless these four elements come to fruition with players receiving a fair share.”

Although the ECB is set to cash in on the new broadcasting deal, their finances have taken a hit of late. Last month, the governing body’s accounts showed the second consecutive year of losses and their reserves have been depleted by nearly GBP 63 million in the past two years. The new Hundred competition, set to begin in 2020, is set to further drain the coffers of the ECB with each county promised an annual payment of GBP 1.3million as their share of the proceeds.

The ECB are confident that high-profile series against India and Australia over the next two summers will restore their coffers and then the broadcast deal will kick in but it remains to be seen if they are willing to increase the current central contract and county deals. A report in The Daily Mail earlier this week suggested that county chairmen had already been told by the ECB that there would be no increase in the salary cap of GBP 2 million per county.

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