India awarded ICC Test Championship Mace

India Test captain Virat Kohli is awarded the ICC Test Championship Mace by Sunil Gavaskar after his side reach number one in the MRF Tyres ICC Test Team Rankings with a 3-0 series victory over New Zealand.


38 thoughts on “India awarded ICC Test Championship Mace

  1. Surely there should be a cut off period to award the test championship. It doesn't make any sense. Now what will happen if couple of weeks later Pakistan are number one again, will it be sent back to them? Its a waste of time. I think there should be a cut off period.

  2. Congratulations to India for being best team, all those talking about pitches or whatever. Bowling spin or playing spin is an art and We subcontinent team mastered it. Learn from us or keep crying. From Pakistan

  3. india won test series in sri lanka in 2015 ,, then india won in west indies in 2016??,,,,,,,,, what about pakistan,australia ?,,,hahahahah ,,they never won test series outside home in last 3 years

  4. Where ever a team plays more matches becomes home, if India has to play all matches away from home say in Dubai or Singapore it will become home, if India plays most of its matches in England it becomes the home, and they will obviously perform well in such conditions.

    All the teams play half of their games at home, even teams such as AUS, ENG, SAF, NZ, PAK all play their quota of games at home, its just India that is blamed, because India beats the best sides 4-0, 3-0 at home. What about SAF, it failed miserably in INDIA and Bangladesh in Test Matches, but it is still called Top team.

  5. ganguly backed dhoni..this is the worst ever decision taken by him….he inturn turn against them…dhoni destroyed sehwag gambhir irfan pathans ,harbhajan ,yuvraj career …he never backed them and many more good players career he always wanted jadeja and ashwin and raina in team also shikhar dhawan..he destroyed the indian tream we have always wanted to watch the bond and friendship…dhoni is a gay..he is a shame ..he avoided the senior players in team just to establish his authority..he is the main match fixer of ipl…

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