England's 1000th – The journey so far


As England take field for their 1000th Test, here’s a list of trivia, stats and tidbits that will help you know their journey so far a little better.

If you’re an aspiring England player, what’s a good name to have?

Ans: Smith

There’s none in the current line-up but there have been as many as fifteen Smiths to have played for England. They have featured in 154 Tests for England. There has also been one Smithson apart from these.

If you’re an aspiring England player, what’s the best date to make a debut?

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And what’s the best day to, erm, be born?

25 December seems to be the D-Day. Players born on this day have amassed a whopping 18277 runs. But 24 November (18218 runs) won’t be a bad pick either.

There are a total of eighteen different counties to pick eleven players from. But only four times in 999 Test matches have the eleven been from different counties.

Against Venue Season
SA Durban 1930/31
WI Trent Bridge 1950
Pak Lord’s 1992
Ind Kolkata 1992/93

England cricket’s first family?

England's 1000th - The Journey So Far

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England have had a reputation of being a highly accommodating team to players from other countries. But did you know that they went in twice with just four players born in England?

Against Venue Season Eng born players
NZ Christchurch 1991/92 Gooch, Stewart, Jack Russell, Tufnell
NZ Auckland 1991/92 Gooch, Stewart, Jack Russell, Tufnell

For most teams a standout bowler or batsman contributes significantly to the total runs or wickets for a team. But England’s an anomaly.

Here’s where Cook stands…

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