Why there is no Superstar like Bobby Lashley: Raw, May 7, 2018

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Get a special look at the unmatched athleticism of the returning Bobby Lashley.
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38 thoughts on “Why there is no Superstar like Bobby Lashley: Raw, May 7, 2018”

  1. Heyy there random person reading comments …this person is gonna take away Brock Lesnar's universal title and become the new WWE UNIVERSAL CHAMPION BOBBY LASHLEY

  2. We have been begging for Lesnar VS Lashley for years whether in wrestling or in MMA and now that they're finally in WWE at the same time, WWE better not miss this opportunity.

  3. Sorry WWE but this guy has always bored me and still does. You have a far better star in Apollo Crews clowning around in a conga line being wasted and no effort put into him.

  4. Ohh man, 13 years ago, as a kid, l used to love this guy and I am so happy to see him back. I just feel like this era of WWE doesn't fit him like before and that he will be underused. Now, I may be wrong, I just hope to see him in the top and perhaps being the one to defeat Lesnar for the title.

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