Take a closer look at the battle for brand supremacy: SmackDown LIVE, Nov. 14, 2017

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See how the tension between Raw and SmackDown has led to the ultimate battle for brand supremacy at Survivor Series this Sunday.
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42 thoughts on “Take a closer look at the battle for brand supremacy: SmackDown LIVE, Nov. 14, 2017”

  1. Maybe this will finally be time for a cena heel turn everybody's been waiting for…
    Cena's about to connect the AA on a raw member, but then the raw member counters the move and then pushes cena. When cena gets pushed he hits orton who is on the apron and was about to get in the ring to help cena. After orton goes down cena gets eliminated by the raw member. Then orton blames cena for everything. After orton blames cena the latter beats up orton and gives him an AA and pushes orton in the ring to be pinned. And then cena leaves. Next smackdown cena's gonna explain his actions.

  2. The Raw team is stacked but then again so is the Smackdowns tbh. Could of used Rusev or Ziggler though instead of Bobby Roode. After all Ziggler took out almost the whole team at one point in a survivor series match. Single Handed.

  3. WWE, McMahon Family,
    Kurt Angle And Raw Invading Smackdown Live Doesn't Change The Fact That Kurt Angle is Still Forced to Keep His Career as The Raw General Manager at Survivor Series And Kurt Angle Invading Smackdown Live With Raw Did Absolutely Nothing to Impress
    Stephanie McMahon to Get an Apology to Get Stephanie McMahon to Forgive Kurt Angle And Not Fire Kurt Angle if Kurt Angle Looses at Survivor Series And That Statement Was a
    Proven Fact When Triple H Gave The Pedigree to Kurt Angle's Son And is Showing That Kurt Angle is Now Dealing With The McMahon Family Like Kurt Angle Should've Delt With The McMahon Family Many Years Ago, When Kurt Angle Was Still Fighting in The Ring And That is True And That is No Lie.

  4. what i see is team raw is so miserable right now..hhh dont like angle..same as joe and balor..i think kane will distract strowman..from what i see, team SD is lit and more compose.

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