No Way Jose samples traditional treats in Zaragoza, Spain

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During a press conference with the local media in Zaragoza, The Dominican Dancing Machine offers his thoughts after tasting “frutas de aragón” (caramelized fruit covered in chocolate) and “adoquín del pilar,” a large caramel bar hard enough to be used as an effective foreign object.
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18 thoughts on “No Way Jose samples traditional treats in Zaragoza, Spain”

  1. i really dont see this mans character lasting too long…just like the adam rose dude but i do wish him the best tho. hopefully he does good and he gonna have 2 turn heel before the year is out, because all that dancing is gonna be played out lol

  2. I know spicy chocolate actually exists in real life. I had a bar with peppers in it. Not too bad. And if you ever heard of chocolate bacon, that also might be something to try. I've never had it before, but I actually want to try it just to see how it is.

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