New Orleans Saints predict WrestleMania 34: WWE Now

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Vic Joseph visits the New Orleans Saints training facility and asks for WrestleMania predictions from Alex Anzalone and Nate Stupar during a special live WrestleMania edition of WWE Now.
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40 thoughts on “New Orleans Saints predict WrestleMania 34: WWE Now”

  1. i think..1=becky linch women battle royal winner

    2=winner of the gaint battle royal:doplh ziggler

    3=:rusev or jindar new us champ

    4=raw tag t champ:shemus and cesaro (if bray is stowman's patner)

    5=sdlive tag t =bagiuon brothers
    6= miz wil still be champ
    7=raw women champ=nia jax
    8=sdlive champ still charlotte asuka stick break
    9=sdlive world champ=nakamura
    10=raw world champ=roman
    11=ronda debut with the win
    12=daniel bryan and shanomac vs komi….daniel back with the win komi on raw
    13=jhon cena vs undertaker is happening undertaker wins

  2. i need see Money in the Bank” Carmella go to Cash In His Contract Carmella kiss CHARLOTTE FLAIR and Carmella win wwe new SmackDown Women's Championship

  3. worst wrestlemania…brock looses and leave wwe…asuka streak will break…not even a one match accept asuka vs charlotte & jhon cena vs undertaker match is unpredictable

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