Bayley & Elias stand up for Americares in WWE Mixed Match Challenge

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Bayley & Elias set out to champion Americares, a group working to help those affected by poverty or disaster. Don’t miss WWE Mixed Match Challenge, premiering this Tuesday, Jan. 16, exclusively on Facebook Watch.
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46 thoughts on “Bayley & Elias stand up for Americares in WWE Mixed Match Challenge”

  1. Sasha banks is a disgrace!!! Biggest bump I've ever seen and it was from behind. You can jump out the ring and injure yourself as much as you want but to drop kick one of the up and comers like that makes me think your in it for yourself!!! Hang your head in shame cause your a jobber and always will be. "The boss of go f**k yourself"

  2. Promoting non violence on a show about violence in which two wrestlers punch, kick, throw each other to the canvas or force people to give up by tapping out or covering them for 123 by a referee ? This makes no damn sense.

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