UFC 223: Post-fight Press Conference Highlights

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Check out the highlights from the UFC 223 post-fight press conference.

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37 thoughts on “UFC 223: Post-fight Press Conference Highlights”

  1. No one was talking about Al Iaquinta’s skill, heart and determination. He lost with style, stuffed all of the late takedowns, got up to his feet and threatened Khabib, and he did this on a days notice. Respect.

  2. If the Eagle does this right he can be big champion long time, imagine the money he will make with all those potential money fights tony, Conor GSP he even mentioned DC. But I hope he focus on bieng champion not making money.

  3. I understand why Rose was shaken up by the buss attack, if you grow up in rough neigberhood it can sometimes be like a person has postdramatic stress a little bit like soldiers do, so when shit goes down survival instincts come up and adrenaline leves go high up, it can even trigger tramatic memories and stuff like this. This is real shit I tell you.

  4. thats a paper belt and you know it khabib, with that performance i dont want to hear for a second youd beat tony, and i dont even like tony, but he'd submit your ass easy. You couldnt finish number 11? its clear you like to "tic tac toe" your way to a decision.

  5. Haha some people think Conor gonna KO Khabib after seeing this fight. Bitches, Conor has no wrestling or cardio like Al has. Look how easy Khabib got Al's back in beginning of the 1st round for choke attempts . If it was Conor, it's over at beginning of the 1st round 😂😂

  6. Joanna and Rose should be 3-2 nodoubt Rose won the fight but it was way closer then what the octagon judges scored.. IT WAS 2-2 UNTILL THE LAST ROUND

  7. Hmm The only fight that makes sense for Khabib is conor or fergie.

    In all honesty Habib, no one really wants to see you vs GSP over those two guys
    I’m pretty sure everyone will agree that would solidify your legacy a lot more than beating a GSP at 155.

  8. Khabib has a razor sharp mind He fought at 50 % so his future opponents will underestimate him what will make him even more dangerouse. Proof? He knew after the first two minutes that he could finish him easily so he dragged on jabbing two rounds what looked like a easy sparring. Consecuence? interesting 5 rounds for fans and no punishing for ai aquinta.

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