UFC 212 Free Fight: Max Holloway vs Cub Swanson

Watch Max Holloway’s Performance of the Night victory over Cub Swanson during their bout in Newark, New Jersey in April of 2015. Holloway looks to become the undisputed featherweight champ when he faces Jose Aldo at UFC 212.

37 thoughts on “UFC 212 Free Fight: Max Holloway vs Cub Swanson”

  1. Max Holloway will lose to Aldo for this reason:
    He has a habit of softening his opponent and getting to a good angle and then backing off right before he could perform a takedown or some significant strikes. If he does this with Aldo, Aldo will either take him to the ground or destroy him with counter strikes. However, if he follows through with his advances then he has a very good chance to beat Aldo. Nevertheless, we'll know who is going to win within the first minute of the fight.

  2. cant wait to see him against Aldo (assuming aldo doesn't pull out lol) I'm a big Aldo fan but man the guy fights on avg every other card he is on lol

  3. Very impressive performance, he was more then the better man on the night, he completely out performed Cub at every point in this fight. Great fight boys!

  4. This fight was boring. Of course longer reach is gunna win, all he has to do is run like a chicken. He wont ever sell fight for himself fighting like that. And no, Idgaf about the other guy, I just like MMA in general but dude was a boring fighter, wouldnt even pay $1 to watch him.

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