Raquel Pennington Opens Up About Coach’s Controversial Decision at UFC 224

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Raquel Pennington discusses her coach’s decision at UFC 224, her injuries in the main event, and more on Monday’s The MMA Hour.

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41 thoughts on “Raquel Pennington Opens Up About Coach’s Controversial Decision at UFC 224”

  1. Ending the fight is not the same as giving up. This is not war, there is no life or death situation here, it's a sport, a very dangerous sport but there are no taking of countries or death involved. So when a fighter knows that there is no chance of winning plus there is the possibility that there might be a breakage somewhere on their body then it's time to own up and stop. It's the end of the fight because there is no chance of winning! You don't need rocket science to work it out. I think the trainers failed her and she can't see that thru, I don't know some sort of loyalty.

  2. Wow, she has 'balls' … to continue fighting in the 2nd round right until the end in round 5, and having done so after having the same pain she experienced when she broke her leg initially !!

  3. Damn. She was in a recent car accident that crushed her lower leg, gets her leg re-injured in round one against the champion of her division, and grinds it out until the end? I'm not surprised she felt like giving up, but that's what coaches are there for. She went back in, and that's nothing to be ashamed of either.

  4. Raquel Pennington is one of the very best in the world MMA competitors. Perhaps the only better competitor in her class is Amanda Nunes. But Raquel fell victim to something elite MMA competitors suffer from, being too tough for their sport. Her corner knew she has this level of resilience beyond what the competition requires, and they made her call on it. I didn't like watching what happened next as a UFC fan. There was no sport, it was a brutal finish. The fight should have been stopped. The corner must recognise this is sport. To win at sport requires a strong body. Raquel's opportunity to have another shot at the title has been compromised by her corner persuading her to continue when she was too hurt to compete effectively. Sure, Raquel may have her pride and warrior accolades after having the courage to go on, but will she be able to fight another day? Corner's have to think about the next fight, and not just getting through the one on the night at any cost.

  5. people are just freaking out because she was a girl with a bruised and cut face that said she wanted out of the fight, guys have done this plenty of times and their coaches tell them to shut up and go for the win, so this isn't a new thing.

    she had a leg injury, it sucks, but when you've trained for years to get a title in the ufc and your coach knows you have had leg problems and that is the issue, he made the right call telling her to worry about it after the fight. this isn't tennis, people get cut and lumped up and injured during fights, and if it's a title fight especially you suck it up and worry later. if you can't handle seeing that then this isn't the sport for you.

  6. When the fight was made I was wondering why she got it. When she walked to cage the look on her face I wondered why she got the fight. With her performance I wondered why she got the fight. The best of the best rise to these occasions not everyone one can win the gold but the elite fight till the end. And she is not even close to elite. 🤔🤔🤔

  7. This was such a bad fight that no one is talking about how good Nunes looked. Everyone is just talking about how bad Pennington looked. She's a 9-7 fighter that had no business being in there with someone she can't out strike or out wrestle. UFC should have never made this fight in the first place which is what we all thought before we paid our $65.

  8. Lawler vs Rory comes to mind. The difference is that until the end Rory was doing damage. This fight was not that fight.
    Mho, the clip that Ariel showed of Nate Marquart is what should have happened. Listening to Raquel’s coach… at times, made me feel like he was a fighter not a coach… like part of being a coach is paternal/maternal. I do believe he learned from this experience. Raquel is every reason we all love this sport, that is far beyond a sport.

  9. This whole "never give up" mentality is stupid imo. Rocky is still young and has a career ahead of her why her coaches would let her continue to take damage like that is ridiculous. Within the first minute she takes a hit to an old injury that makes her feel physically sick, the pain continues to persist for the rest of the fight. Her coaches clearly know all of her injuries and her fighting potential, they should be able to clearly see shes not fighting her game because of the injury and honestly should have pulled her without being asked. Thinking you can beat some of Nunes caliber while not being able to fight to the fullest of your ability is nothing short of mentally challenged. Her coaching staff saw no clear road to victory in the 5th and basically sent her out in hopes of a lucky shot, pathetic, unprofessional and from what rocky is saying during this interview, completely deluded.

  10. I guess then Jacare's corner should've tossed the towel as well cause he was falling around during rounds? Head damage is worse than leg damage… Her corner did the right thing

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