Live Chat: UFC 216 Review, Conor McGregor-Tony Ferguson, Mark Hunt-UFC

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At UFC 216, Tony Ferguson defeated Kevin Lee to become the interim UFC lightweight champion. We’ll discuss Ferguson’s win plus whether a fight with Conor McGregor is or should be next. We’ll also discuss the rest of Saturday’s fight card. In addition, UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt went on a tirade against UFC President Dana White. Was it fair? We’ll talk about it plus more. This is the Promotional Malpractice Live Chat with Luke Thomas.

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23 thoughts on “Live Chat: UFC 216 Review, Conor McGregor-Tony Ferguson, Mark Hunt-UFC”

  1. Does Ferguson deserve the Mcgregor fight? He deserves a unification fight , that is a fact I'm guessing it will be Khabib. What your failing to mention is the Alverez fight, I see Ferguson vs Mcgregor going same way. Diaz 3 has to be Mcgregors next fight or the UFC will lose a lot of money, it will not draw as much if Mcgregor loses or if the saga is postponed. The casual fans have short term memories and like it or not this is a newly purchased business that has to cash in on the biggest fight ever. Nate is just now hitting his prime, he is motivated for one of the first times in his career and analyzing his last 3 fights I only see one person at the top of 155 who poses a threat and that is Khabib due to his style. Nate was pushed into the UFC before he was ready and his natural talent alone took out some of the best but he was taking fights just to eat and it burned him out early. I believe we see a new rejuvenated Nate.

  2. Conor really should pocket the Diaz fight. Honestly fight other's till you are on the downslide in your career. Regardless how either is doing atm it will still sell. They have a trilogy to settle. It makes no sense to blow your load now.
    Legitimize the belt with a couple defenses and go from their.
    Huge Conor fan but I also love mma and the ufc. It needs to have somewhat of a structure that matters.

  3. Tony's too corny to be a MAJOR star…a great fighter but charisma(intrigue) plays a role…if Jon Jones embraced the "heel" role I think he would've regularly cracked 1mil ppv buys…ability + charisma = a superstar

  4. "If we are looking for the best fighters then we need to be careful about the fighters we build"…….. "we" ???? There is no we. You are a journalist on Ariels Channel lol. Nice try goof

  5. What if you had to make weight on one day then on fight night with in again with a limit you can gain. Example 155 lbs on Friday and on Saturday you must weigh no more than 175 . And if a fighter loses because he made a bad choice for Wich weight class or made a bad weight cut then let that be the learning curve there would be some growing pains sure but in the end it would shake out

  6. I like add 165 and change Welter weight to 175 but change light heavy weight to 200 and make heavy weight 230 and super heavyweight is 230 to 265. Most heavies are a soggy 240ish anyway

  7. I am a Diaz fan to the core and want to see that third fight, but I agree with Luke, Tony deserves the next shot at Conor. It’ll be a great fight and settle up the belt. I think Tony would probably win that fight too. If you think that Tony won’t approach Conor differently in regarding holding his chin high, I believe you would be wrong, Tony’s too smart for that. You don’t go on an undefeated tear like that from fighting dumb, El Cucuy is dangerous to anyone he fights.

  8. Tony's at times questionable striking defense and willingness to get hit are Conor's only real saving grace in this match-up. I was happy to hear Tony essentially say he thought it was important to be willing to trade with Lee, but his camp for the Conor fight will be focused around not getting hit at all by him. He should keep a high guard and use his vicious leg kicks and front kicks early on against Mcgregor, and try to initiate a clinch or a ground engagement, even including doing things like his Imanari rolls. Conor is 10x countering than he is picking shots against guarded opponents. Tony needs to stay at kicking range or bull his way to the clinch with as little time in the pocket as possible. If Conor got bullied in the clinch by Diaz, God help him if Tony gets it there.

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